Our Baremetal Dedicated Servers are specially designed and networked using high-speed internet specifically configured to power sites and applications on the web.

These computers are situated in our co-location Data Centres within USA, Germany, Nigeria and South-Africa; handpicked with the best of world-wide-offering and fully managed by our experienced team.

Our Network

Processor Memory Storage Monthly Availability
Intel Core 16GB DDR3 500GB HDD $240.00
Intel Core i7 32GB DDR3 2TB HDD $300.00
Intel Xeon 8GB DDR3 250GB SSD $205.00

Dedicated Servers with great features

We are with you all along your your journey.

High Performance

We setup our servers to provide customers with 100% of the system’s capabilities. This gives you value for your money, spend less for more with our optimized configurations.

Security & Firewall

We provide free setup for your servers, we will configure the necessary firewall and security settings you require for the web. Our security setup has been 100% tested and proven.

Onsite Monitoring

All our servers have on-side inpremises monitory at the datacenter. Our inhouse team also have built some of the best remote-monitoring tools to stay in check with all servers.

Root Access

It is your server, you get to have full root-access to manage it. Our support team will be on standby should need mission critical assistance with your terminal.

Choice of Linux OS

We provide a wide range of Linux flavours you can choose from. Our team will also mount and configure the image for you. The hassle is all ours, your choice is our command.

Multiple Datacenters

Latency means a lot to us, we established a flexible network across the globe to give you choice of location for your dedicated server. See our network page for more info.